Aquia Episcopal Church

Aquia Episcopal Church

Built in 1757, Aquia Episcopal Church in Stafford, VA is a welcoming church for people of all ages and backgrounds as we grow closer to our Lord and Savior. Our church is located in the Fredericksburg community.

We joyfully respond to the Love, Grace, and Fellowship of God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. At work in our midst, we celebrate His Presence by Sharing His Abundance and Proclaiming His word throughout the world.


Important Announcement Concerning COVID-19 and Cancellations – Updated 4\2\2020

With a heavy but understanding heart, I have some difficult news to share with you.  The Diocese of Virginia has announced that all of its churches are prohibited from gathering for public worship in person through Friday 8 May at the minimum, as a precaution against spreading the coronavirus.  That is a decision over which local clergy and congregations do not have any latitude or option, a decision following actions of various government officials on the professional guidance of public health experts, and a decision reflecting what many other religious organizations are doing.  Beyond that, the Commonwealth of Virginia has issued a prohibition against public gatherings in person involving more than ten people and has issued a general stay-at-home order (with specific exceptions, including exceptions for visits to houses of worship), with these regulations remaining in effect through Wednesday 10 June, unless these are reduced or extended.

This means that Aquia Church will not be able to have our usual Sunday worship together until Sunday 10 May at the very earliest, nor will we be able to gather for worship as usual even during Holy Week and Easter, and any group events or meetings with more than 10 people present are prohibited as well.  Some gatherings must be cancelled, while some other gatherings are being postponed (with new dates yet to be determined), and some other events and ministries can continue their work in various ways.  Each ministry group will determine for itself when and how it will conduct its ministry within these guidelines.

Your clergy are already using technology for ‘virtual worship’ and online discussions for faith-formation, so that you can be sustained spiritually during these challenging times by accessing our church’s Facebook page.  For all who wish to participate in Sunday worship online over the next few weeks, along with Bible study and book study discussions, please visit https://www.facebook.com/AquiaEpiscopalChurch.  Morning Prayer with a sermon will be offered on Facebook Live each Sunday morning.  Even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still access the videos archived there for worship and for faith-formation.  Also, you do not have to join in the worship live; the videos will be stored there for your viewing at any later time convenient for you.  If you want to receive a copy of the worship brochure that will be used for online worship (best sent by e-mail, but snail-mail can be arranged), then please contact me (morris@aquiachurch.org or 540-659-4007).  Among the other options at your discretion are looking for a worship service being broadcast on TV or radio or live Internet feed, saying Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer on your own (go to www.MissionStClare.com and follow their easy steps), and reading the Scripture lessons for that day (go to www.LectionaryPage.net for them).

Your clergy and vestry are also concerned for meeting the pastoral and spiritual needs of our members and our neighbors, even while we practice physical distancing.  We can still pray for one another, check in with each other through phone calls, and offer help to others with groceries, errands, and appointments.  Your clergy and vestry are already doing those things, and we invite you to join us.  Please contact us when there are emergencies and other pastoral concerns.  Be sure to keep in your prayers everyone affected by the coronavirus, including the sick and the quarantined, their caregivers, those facing lost income or isolation or other fears, medical professionals, and public officials.  And stay tuned for updates.

— Father Jay Morris


Upcoming Events

April 10 - 9:30 AM

April 12 - 6:30 AM


7:30 AM
Holy Communion, no music
9:00 AM
Sunday School for Children and Adults
10:00 AM
Holy Communion, with music
5:00 PM
Evening Worship
Childcare available from 9:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Today’s Schedule

Nothing from May 7, 2020 to May 8, 2020.