Aquia Episcopal Church is the oldest active church in Stafford County. Established in 1667, the current church began construction in 1751, burned in 1754, and was rebuilt in 1757. The childhood church of George Mason, Aquia has witnessed its fair share of important history. Members of the parish were leaders of their day, including signers of the Leedstown Resolutions, a precursor to the Declaration of Independence and an editor for the Virginia Statutes of Religious Freedom. Aquia Church would then survive the War of 1812, while her sister church, Potomac Church, was destroyed by the British. The church was tested again during the Civil War when the church and grounds were used by the Union Army as a stable, hospital, and campsite.

Today, Aquia Church is a welcoming, active congregation. We welcome visitors interested in touring the church to schedule a time with the staff and you can visit our worship page to learn more about our Sunday services. We encourage you to explore the more detailed account of Aquia Church's history on our website.