Aquia Church Weekly Announcements




FEB. 5 IS SCOUT SUNDAY! On this coming Sunday, we shall observe Scout Sunday. Members of any Scout unit (whther or not your group meets at Aquia Church) are encouraged to wear their uniforms to church, and Scouts will have some key roles at our 10:30 a.m. worship service.


COLLECTING NEWSPAPERS ON PAUSE: We have temporarily stopped collecting newspapers at the back of the church. Please stay tuned for a future announcement about when we might resume this ministry.


IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: When snow/ice prompts Stafford County Public Schools to close, all in-person activities at Aquia Church will close as well; that is particularly true for Aquia’s Pantry and Aquia’s Table, which do not operate when the roads are unsafe with snow/ice. If snow/ice prompts us to cancel Sunday worship services, we are usually able to send out notices via e-mail. When there are forecasts for snow/ice, we trust parishioners and visitors to exercise caution in trying to attend in-person worship services and other activities, and we encourage you to rely on our Facebook page <> for electronic broadcasts of Morning Prayer and Wednesday Bible studies.


PANCAKE BREAKFAST SUNDAY, FEB. 19: As we prepare for Lent, we’ll enjoy a Shrove Tuesday-style pancake meal offered at a special day and time: Sunday, Feb. 19 (8:30—10:15 a.m.), during the usual time for our weekly fellowship breakfast and Morning Call. As we did last year, we are moving the pancake meal away from the customary day and time (Shrove Tuesday dinner), partly in the hope that more people will attend on a Sunday morning, and partly in order not to interfere with the important preparations that Aquia’s Pantry/Aquia’s Table conducts each Tuesday. The ECW is graciously hosting this event, free of charge to our parish.


ASH WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22: Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 22 this year), with worship services at 12:00 noon and 7:00 p.m. and with an electronic broadcast available at 7:00 p.m. over Facebook Live. People driving to the evening service should plan to park in the large parking lot between the 1960 parish house, the Fleurries office building, and the historic church (instead of parking in front of the CFFB and instead of entering the cemetery driveway), so as not to interfere with traffic for Aquia’s Table/Aquia’s Pantry around the same time.


LENTEN DINNER AND DISCUSSION SERIES: For the first six Thursdays during Lent (starting on Thursday, Feb. 23, and running throughout March), we shall hold our Lenten dinner and discussion series in person, with a soup-and-salad meal available starting at 6:30 p.m. and with the evening ending at 8:30 p.m. This year our featured book is I Told Me So: Self-Deception and the Christian Life by Gregg A. Ten Elshof, which is available in paperback and e-book formats. If you want to read the e-book version, then please place your order through your preferred vendor; alternatively, you may purchase the paperback version through the church (cost will be approximately $15). Reduced prices for the e-book are available from and, with and other vendors typically charging full price. A sign-up sheet is available at the back of the church so that you may reserve your seat for the meal (friends are welcomed to attend, too!) and order a copy of the paperback.


FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST: There are a number of Sundays in 2023 awaiting folks to offer to serve as hosts, starting with Feb. 26. If you want to serve as a breakfast host for any Sunday in the months ahead, please use the signup sheet at the back of the church, or contact Sue Selz in the church office ( or 540-659-4007). Please consider taking a turn in promoting fellowship within our parish through this weekly breakfast. The breakfast can be as simple or elaborate as you wish to provide.


DRIVERS NEEDED FOR SHARING ALTAR FLOWERS: For many weeks of the year, after the altar flowers have adorned our sanctuary, they are rearranged and delivered to church members who are in the hospital or nursing home, who are ill or grieving, or who otherwise might welcome receiving such a lovely gift. We hope that some parishioners might volunteer to take the rearranged flowers from the church office to the intended recipient—usually one per week but occasionally two, with the church office providing driving directions, and with no driving required during the seasons of Lent and Advent. The time commitment and effort are limited, but the joy of sharing is such a blessing. If you are willing to be a driver for sharing these flowers, please contact Sue Selz in the church office (540-659-4007 or


MORNING CALL: Morning Call is our Sunday morning forum for adult formation and discussion, held in the great hall (9:30—10:15 a.m.). On this Sunday, Father Morris will continue a new short-term series titled “A Tour through the Book of Common Prayer.” This series will explore various elements in the Prayer Book besides the familiar liturgies for public worship, featuring some gems for your personal devotions.


VESTRY NEWS: At our parish’s Annual Meeting on Jan. 8, the following members were elected by acclamation to the vestry: Dale Hendon, Bill Hoffman, and Walt Peterson. At the Vestry’s monthly meeting in January, Bill Hoffman was elected senior warden. Several other officers are continuing in their positions: Anna Rall as register, Chris Arey as treasurer, and Charlie Bingay as assistant treasurer.


WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDIES: Father Morris continues his new short-term series about First and Second Thessalonians in the New Testament (starting electronically at 7:00 p.m.). Father Rickenbaker is leading a new series about “Hard Sayings of the Bible” (starting electronically at 10:30 a.m. and offered in-person simultaneously in the CFFB downstairs conference room), and you are welcomed to participate in this series, which will last approximately two months. During the pandemic, our Bible studies are available online at our church’s Facebook page ( Even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still access the videos simply by clicking on the video for the given day. Also, you do not have to join in the Bible study live; the videos will be stored there for your viewing at any time convenient for you.


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: Save the dates of June 12-16 (9:00 a.m.—12:00 noon) for this exciting week, and stay tuned for more details.


SUNDAY SCHOOL: Our regular schedule (9:30—10:15 a.m.) has resumed.


YOUTH GROUP: Our regular morning schedule (9:30—10:15 a.m.) has resumed. Mrs. Gould, Mr. Morgan, and Father James Rickenbaker lead the morning meetings. Our next afternoon meeting will take place on this Sunday, Feb. 5, when we’ll meet off-campus at Rush Hour Escape Rooms in Fredericksburg (1 Towne Centre Blvd, Suite 3100—behind Spotsylvania Towne Centre) and solve a murder mystery! Arrive at 4:45 p.m. for the event to begin at 5:00 and end at 6:00 p.m. Please bring $15 for the escape room activity. If you can stay for dinner at a restaurant within walking distance (likely pizza and sandwiches), please bring some money for that as well. Any teenager who wants to participate but needs a ride may contact Father Jay Morris about transportation. Our afternoon meetings happen on our every-other-Sunday-afternoon rotation (so again on Feb. 19, Mar. 5 & 19, etc.) with a mix of events at church and off-campus.


AQUIA'S PANTRY DURING JANUARY 2023: The Pantry’s new year has started off with so many blessings:

  • God has provided the Pantry with enough food to pass out to 100 families each week.
  • One family donated 100 boxes of cereal, 50 jars of peanut butter, and 6 bales of grocery bags.
  • Inclement weather has not closed the Pantry to date in 2023.
  • Despite illnesses and vacations, we have had just enough volunteer hours each week to accomplish our mission.
  • We received both a double freezer and refrigerator as a result of a food bank grant. In addition, four strong men of the parish donated their time and talents to move them to the upper level of the parish house, where they will be more convenient to use.

We are indeed blessed! The Pantry has a continuing need for boxes of cereal, mac-and-cheese, eggs cartons (holding one dozen eggs), brown paper grocery store bags, and especially VOLUTEERS. If you have a few hours to spare on Tuesday mornings or anytime on Wednesdays, please consider helping in the great hall. Reach out to Michael Golasz ( or Mary Jane Cole ( in order to learn more about this dynamic ministry.


INVITATION FROM AQUIA’S TABLE: Aquia’s Table is recruiting volunteers to assist with baking or preparing desserts (either at home or at the church kitchen on Tuesdays: cookies, brownies, crispy rice treats, cakes, etc.) and to assist occasionally with preparing meals when others might be unable to serve. In most recent weeks, we have been serving 350-400 guests, and some extra help with fixing desserts and meals from time to time would be welcomed. In order to offer your hands-on help, please contact Briget Kane (


BUSY BAGS: Busy bags are available in the historic church for our youngest members. A child’s Bible, activity pages, drawing paper, and crayons are available in canvas bags when you enter the church. Please take one bag per family and return it after the service ends.


NURSERY AVAILABLE: Our nursery, located on the lower level of the Christian Formation and Fellowship Building (just across the hallway from the elevator), is available for the 10:30 a.m. worship service, with coverage provided by caring, trained, and experienced staff—plus lots of toys, diapers and wipes, a pack-and-play, and whatever else your child or grandchild might need.


ELECTRONIC GIVING: The increased use of electronic giving is helpful, as it avoids the need for our office and counters to handle mail, which could be contaminated; but we still pick up the mail and your mail-in contribution will be counted. Where possible, when parishioners can absorb the nominal transaction cost, that is also very helpful, so that the church will receive the full amount of your intended contribution. Please note to use the correct category of contribution: if you submitted a pledge card and make a donation online, then please use that category. If you did not submit a pledge card, then please use the non-pledged category—just as important and helpful. Be mindful that you can make an electronic contribution and apportion your gifts between multiple purposes, e.g., pledge, flowers, outreach, etc. You can give electronically through Realm—the link is <>, and there is a “GIVE” link on the church website <>. Also, you can give via text message: text AQUIA to 73256. If you have questions, please feel free to contact treasurer Chris Arey (


If you want to be added to our e-mail distribution list for weekly announcements and special updates or for the monthly Cross Section newsletter, simply notify Sue Selz in the church office ( or 540-659-4007).