Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

CapitalCampaignBuilding a Christian Legacy

Aquia Episcopal Church was established in Stafford County, Virginia some time before 1680. Construction on the current church building began in 1751 but an accidental fire left the building in disrepair. The House of Burgesses levied taxes in order to provide the funds necessary to complete the church in 1757. The result is a classic example of eighteenth century colonial Georgian architecture.

The church building survived three of America’s early wars, including being used as a horse stable for Union Army during the Civil War. In 1960 the congregation of Aquia Church came together to build the first parish house located on the corner of Jefferson Davids Highway and Washington Drive. This building provided restrooms, classrooms, ministry meeting spaces, a full kitchen, and much more to the lively congregation.

It is easy to see how our forefathers made enormous sacrifices to ensure that our church would survive and continue to serve Our Lord and His faithful people. Today Aquia Church continues to make those sacrifices to fulfill our mission and ministry in the community. The church has four weekly worship services, weekly Sunday School classes, and is home to countless ministries and outreach programs. However, the needs of our growing congregation have quickly outgrown the current parish house capacity.

Growing to Serve the Lord

In 2015, Aquia Church once more stepped forward to build a new 11,449 square foot building to better serve our growing ministries and Christian formation and fellowship initiatives. Nestled on the hill adjacent to our historic church, it will be a center for Christian Formation and Fellowship in Stafford County for decades to come.

Faith and Generous Support

The total cost for the new Christian Formation and Fellowship building project is approximately $2,900,000. Our previous pledge campaign has provided almost $700,000, leaving the total balance due on the building as of April 2015 at approximately $2,200,000. Upon completion of the project and building occupation, monthly mortgage payments on the building will be in excess of $19,000. The goal for this three year pledge campaign is $1,000,000 with a challenge goal of $1,200,000.  Please consider donating to the New Christian Formation and Fellowship Building Campaign so that future generations can come to know His Grace.

You may download the Capital Campaign Pledge card and brochure here.